The Fingerling Stream

A Small Tributary from Eagle Falls, Lake Tahoe.
A Small Tributary from Eagle Falls, Lake Tahoe.

The Fingerling Stream

A few weeks ago, Donna and I spent a balmy Saturday exploring the Emerald Bay area of Lake Tahoe.  One of the features of Emerald Bay is Eagle Falls.  Eagle Falls is a big, beautiful waterfall; well worth the hike to see.  But I was more intrigued by a small fingerling stream at its base.  The early rays of sun illuminated the miniature canyon through which it flowed.  Its miniature boulders created whitewater as the stream flowed over a waterfall into a deeper canyon.  All the while, Eagle Falls rumbled in the background adding ambiance to the miniature world it helped create.  I love to see ecosystems that replicate the grandiose in miniature.  I think about how every stream and river started as a trickle and eroded their way into mountainside, plateau and delta, forming the spectacular scenery we see and appreciate.   But, the next time you are at a grand vista, look for the small, hidden, treats also.  They are often as worthy of appreciation.



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