Website Activity and Junk Mail

I’ve often marveled at the fact that I get 6K-10K visits to my website each month ( I’ve also suspected that much of that traffic is from web crawlers. If you aren’t aware of web crawlers, they are programs that constantly search the internet to glean information they can use for various purposes. Sites like Google and Bing use them to populate their search engines with web sites with which they can link keywords to speed their search results. I’ve recently begun using Google Analytics to analyze the traffic to my site. This week was a slow week because I haven’t posted any new images. So, it was a good week to examine the traffic. Interestingly, about 80% of my traffic originated in Russia. Every one of those visits hit my homepage then dropped off; they didn’t look at images. They hit my site daily looking for something. I get more than 100 junk emails every day, many from hot young Russian women looking for love. I suspect these searches are how they found my email address so they can provide me with so many opportunities. I’ll be analyzing my traffic further. Maybe I can find some other interesting tidbits to share.



All images posted on this site, my website,, and other sites are available for sale by contacting me at or directly through my website.

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