A Ghostly Memory

Bodie, CA AUG 2014
A Ghostly Memory, Bodie CA, AUG 2014.
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A column of sunlight illuminates the dim kitchen as evening arrives.  The cooking and baking is done.  The kids have been fed.  The table is set.  All is ready for the master of the house to return from his day’s work.   A typical day in Bodie during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s?  Probably.  But now, the counter cleaned and the table prepared goes unused.  They are covered with a thick layer of dust reminiscent of the flour once mixed in the bowl and baked in the tin.  A ghostly memory of a kitchen filled with voices:  laughter, worry, love, turmoil.   How was your day?  Is one of the kids outgrowing his shoes?  Do we have enough food to put up for the winter?   Long ago abandoned, this kitchen, this house, sits as a snapshot, a moment in time representative of joy and struggles of lives once lived.


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