A Day in Savannah

On our recent trip back east, we made a stop in Savannah, GA.  It was short, an evening and a morning.  Savannah is an old city by US standards.  Its historic district follows the borders laid out in 1733 by James Oglethorp.  It is laid out in a grid with numerous small squares.  Each square is like a little park with stately old trees, draped with Spanish Moss, giving shade to the sidewalks and park benches. Many of the buildings date back into the 18th and 19th century.    There are so many photo opportunities, I could spend months, if not years trying to document it, if I chose.  The buildings and statuary are beautiful in and of themselves.  But, when you take the time to study them in detail, there are beautiful intricate features, many weathered to a fine patina.  It is a great place.  I recommend a visit.  Enjoy the images below.  Please share.



(These and other images are available to purchase at http://www.earthwatcher.us or by contacting larry@earthwatcher.us)

Fountain.  Lafayette Square, Savannah, GA JUN 2015
There is beautiful fountain in Lafayette Square.  I don’t know its age, but it has the patina of weathered copper.  The evening sun was kissing the sea horse, giving a warm glow to ts crusty, weathered body.
Sidewalk, Savannah, GA. JUN 2015
You build with what you have.  When you have sea shells, you don’t need rock in your concrete.  The sea shells thrown in an apparently random fashion, worn smooth by years of footsteps, create an abstract scene worthy of a Gothic romance.
Staircases, W Park Ave at Drayton ST, Savannah, GA, JUN 2015
As evening approached, a column of sunlight highlighted a series of high, steep, weathered stairs.
Forsythe Square Fountain at Night, Savannah, GA JUN 2015
The fountain in Forsythe Square was lit by the streetlights along the pathways in the square making the features glisten.
Forsyth Park at Night, Savanah, GA.  JUN 2015
A streetlight casts its light over Spanish moss and a lonely park bench in Forsythe Square.

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