Cataract Falls

On Jan 26, 2016, I visited the Mt Tamalpias watershed area near Fairfax, in Marin County, CA. Imagine climbing up a hillside, along a stream that was running fast and loud due to recent rain.  Now, imagine the trail to be 2 1/2 miles in and out with a 1,300 foot elevation gain, 750 feet over the first mile.  That combination meant the stream was full of waterfalls and cataracts.   The banks of the stream were hard rock surfaces covered with coastal redwoods, moss and ferns.  It was absolutely spectacular. The trek was difficult but, was well worth the effort. 

For my fellow photographers, the stream ran along an east-west access.  The January sun rose behind the waterfalls casting some strong light in a few areas but the sun mostly was obscured by the canopy.  The light, though bright, was diffuse. Still, the ferns, moss and rocks glistened.  Perhaps, as the sun set, more light would have fallen directly on the waterfalls but I didn’t have time to stay and find out.  If I make another trip, I will plan it for afternoon.

I hope you enjoy the images.  Enlarged copies of the images can be found in my online gallery:  Cataract Falls





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