A Special Time in Bodie

Image of Daybreak over Bodie, CA, JUN 2017
Daybreak Over Bodie, CA, JUN 2017

Bodie, CA is a ghost town in east central California. It is a state park whose buildings are kept in a state of “arrested decay”; i.e. as they were when the last residents left. I’ve photographed at Bodie many times because there are so many interesting things to shoot.  About 2 weeks ago, The Bodie Foundation, a non-profit that supports the park, hosted a sunrise shoot for photographers. We were able to get into the park at 5:00AM instead of the normal 9:00AM and, instead of the normal crowds, there were only about 10 of us. It was a marvelous morning; quiet, comfortable temps, and a chance to watch the sunrise play across the town.  I wish I could have cloned myself because there were so many places I would have liked to have photographed simultaneously.  I hope you enjoy these images.



Note: Please click on caption to see image in larger size.

Image of the Ruins of a Storehouse, Bodie, CA JUN 2017
Ruins of a Storehouse
IMage of a Belding's Ground Squirrel, Bodie, CA JUN 2017
Belding’s Ground Squirrel
Image of Bodie Methodist Church at Sunrise, Bodie, CA JUN 2017
Bodie United Methodist Church
Image of Old Mining Equipment: Drive Wheel and Axle, Bodie, CA JUN 2017
Old Mining Equipment: Drive Wheel and Axle
IMage of Main Street Bodie at Sunrise, Bodie, CA JUN 2017
Main Street Bodie at Sunrise
Image of a Black-tailed Jackrabbit, Bodie, CA, JUN 2017
Black-tailed Jackrabbit
Image of Items Through A Window, Bodie, CA Jun 2017

These and other image are available for purchase on my website, www.earthwatcher.us or by contacting larry@earthwatcher.us.

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