A Golden Waterfall

Upper Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park; MAR 2019

Last week, we took a trip to Yosemite National Park. We were a bit late in the season. We were looking for snow, but almost all of the snow was gone from the valley floor. There was some clinging to the nooks on the cliff side. It was sunny when we arrived but, as the golden hour approached, the skies became cloud covered and we got rain. Just being in Yosemite when there are few people is a real treat, so walking around in the rain was enjoyable even though photography opportunities were few. Little did we know the treat that would await us in the morning.

We dutifully got up and out ½ hour before sunrise – about an hour before the sun would start to light up the valley walls. While planning the trip, I learned we would have clear skies in the morning and that the sun would be in a good position to light Yosemite Falls. Yosemite falls is often shaded during the golden hours for photography. We found the position from which I wanted to shoot and set up. It was then we got our first surprise – snow had fallen on the cliffsides on either side of the waterfall. There was even a dead tree that was partially snow covered that I could get into the frame.

I set up my composition and waited in the cold. After a period of time that seemed interminable, golden sunlight began to penetrate the valley. Watching the sun light the mountain tops and valley walls is one of my favorite experiences; I never grow tired of it. We watched and enjoyed. I would shoot from time to time. But, I really wanted more light on the water fall. When the light broke, I got a treat I hadn’t expected. The sun began giving the water and the mist a golden glow. I watched and I shot as the different sections would glow. We stayed through the entire show.

I’ve included 2 of the images I got that morning. I hope you enjoy them.

Please click on caption to see these images at higher resolution.

Upper Yosemite Falls at Sunrise; Yosemite National Park; MAR 2019

These and other images are available for purchase at my website, www.earthwatcher.us or by contacting larry.klink@earthwatcher.us.

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