William Pond Park

Illuminating the Morning


The Canada Goose is a year round resident of Sacramento, and seemingly everywhere else. The Common Goldeneye is only a winter resident; a snowbird if you will. They, the ever present mallard, gulls, mergansers, herons, coots and egrets grace the landscape of William Pond Park, on the American River Parkway, in Sacramento County.

Canada Geese at Attention
Canada Geese at Attention

I have a favorite ‘go-to” spot at the park – a spot where the American River widens and is dotted with small islands. The cool winter temperatures cause fog. The winter sun rises, providing a golden hue to the fog shrouded grasses and trees. I love being there before sunrise to watch the light unfold. Though the geological forces shaping the river valley progress too slowly for me to comprehend, weather conditions, light and the actions of the critters make every visit different.

I trust these images will convey a sense of what I get to experience while I am there.  Please click on the pictures to get a larger view of the image.

Common Goldeneye on a Foggy Morning


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