Embraced by the Raging Sea

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Embraced by the Raging Sea Marin Headlands, San Francisco, CA

I visited the Marin Headlands, the stretch of the California coast just outside the San Francisco Bay; just beyond the Golden Gate Bridge with Rick Bieniek, a fellow photographer. It was mid-afternoon, the sun was bright in the sky, it was unusually warm and a breeze was flowing in from the ocean. Hiking down the trail to the beach, the ocean thundered but the sea looked rather tranquil. Upon reaching the beach, the reason for the thunder became apparent. Waves were breaking rhythmically. But every 5 minutes or so, a series of waves would arrive that were breaking 8 – 12 feet high. The shore line dropped off steeply, so the broken waves receded rapidly, crashing into the oncoming giants that followed them. The sea roiled, creating thick, white foam. The position of the sun caused the sea to reflect in silver tones and to backlight the rising breakers. It felt beckoned; I felt embraced by the raging sea.


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